Jewellery Repairs Cardiff | Restore Your Precious Pieces

When taken care of, jewellery can last for a very long time. Heirloom pieces like wedding rings are passed down from generation to generation, but to keep them in the best condition you must get professional maintenance. You’ll need to look for professional jewellery repairs in Cardiff.

It’s common for jewellery to be damaged, and many people may worry that their piece is beyond repair. To put your mind at ease, we offer jewellery repairs in Cardiff that are quick and sympathetic to the original design.

Jewellery Repairs in Cardiff

Our repair services cover all aspects of jewellery restoration and maintenance. We have vast experience with precious stone jewellery. Your pieces will be lovingly returned to their original glory. We offer a high quality service with a very fast turnaround.

Ring Restoration & Repairs

Rings often suffer damage from wear and tear. It’s not unusual for stones to become loose, claws to require retipping and shanks to need repair. Our jewellery repairs in Cardiff offer fixes for many common problems.

Rhodium Plating

Alongside your repair service, you may want your ring to have rhodium plating. This can enhance your jewellery’s durability and give it a beautiful shine. Rhodium plating is a very quick service, we can have your jewellery ready to wear again within an hour.

ring being worked on
jewellery being repaired

Diamond & Precious Stone Repairs & Restoration

We can source a range of gems to replace any lost stones. We make sure to find the best colour and grade match to your piece. Once your new stone is fitted, we ensure that the claws are holding the stone securely.

Ring Resizing

A poorly fitting ring could put your piece at risk of being lost. There’s no need to worry if your engagement ring needs an adjustment, it’s actually a very common procedure. A ring that is too big for your finger could slip off without you noticing. If your piece doesn’t fit you properly, we can resize it for you to take away on the same day.

Jewellery Cleaning Cardiff

Nobody wants their precious stone jewellery to look dull. All trinkets could do with a good clean every once in awhile, so don’t hesitate to call jewellery repairs in Cardiff to get your pieces polished. We complete most cleans within an hour, so you’ll be sparkling again in no time.

In House Jewellery Repairs

Our expert team offer jewellery repairs in Cardiff to suit all requirements. We take pride in our fast service that is always completed to the highest standard. Our workshop is based in our premises in Swansea. You can drop your piece off with us and we’ll give you a call as soon as it’s ready. Enquire now to find out more about our services and book your restoration today.

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